Ghana Tour

West Africa culinary tour.Visited Ghana and had lots of fun and learnt a lot through interacting and learning more about the countries food culture.Did a few interviews and culinary events where i got to work with the talented chef Binta who was also a great host.We merged East African and west African food culture and came up with a captivating and mind blowing concept in terms of flavor,taste and presentation

At the farm harvesting fresh produce with Chef Binta

My attempt at replicating the Ghanaians attire

Essence a pod cast of all things African food

Meet the Chef advert poster for the show

Meet the chef TV shoot Ghana

Okra soup by Chef was amazing like peper

preparing light goat soup

Preparing shito..ghana cuisine

Shopping for snails at the market

Boiling corn by the road to Kumasi Ghana

Buying traditional Ghanaian plates on the market

doing mis en place for the lunch event by the sea

East west fine dining dinner poster